Halloween 2k17 – Beyonce Edition

Beyonce said the new date for Halloween is November 3rd, so Halloween is now on November 3rd.

The Queen (Bey) payed homage to the “Original Queen B” and dressed up as some of Lil Kim’s most iconic looks (dropping the pics fashionably late of course).

As we know, Lil Kim is a fashion Icon. She went above and beyond, challenging the status quo for how a pop star should look. She wore daring looks that were forever branded in your memory. She opened the doors for women after her such as Rihanna and Beyonce to wear whatever they want and own their sexuality.

All Hail the Queens. Check out the pics below.

Howard Homecoming 2017 – The Wrap-Up


It’s Homecoming!!! (Or so it was)

Everyone knows about Howard’s Homecoming. It’s literally a holiday. Students are letting loose after midterms; alumni are back and they’re in full nostalgia.

Homecoming is also where everyone steps out in their best fit.


Just look at my friend MarkAnthony


It’s my senior year so I had to make it count. This year was definitely one for the books.


Y A R D F E S Tย  2 0 1 7ย 

yardfest yard fest 2017 howard homecoming

Yardfest 2017


E C H O S T A G E – 2 1ย  S A V A G E


A L U M N Iย  R E C E P T I O N – Featuring the best fam in the Frat



There was sooo much more.ย  A lot of it I couldn’t capture, but the memories will always be there. It was great way to end my last homecoming as an undergrad.

#WineWednesday – Tequila Edition

Hey Yall!

So I’ve been super busy. Homecoming was just last week and it was crazy! (Pics coming soon). With that being said, it was time to get back on the grind. And already, it’s been a long week…


A long week calls for some Tequila! Wine Wednesday style. After a meeting, a few friends decided to study together at her house, and have some wine of course.

wine wednesday cork

Peep the cork in the bottle


Personally, Wine Wednesdays are very productive for me… So I didn’t do the tequila lol.


But it was a nice little “winedown” to get over this hump-day.

On Sundays We Brunch

Sundays in DC are for brunch. If you live in DC you’ve probably been to brunch a couple of times, if not every weekend. I mean, who doesn’t love a good brunch.


There are some great spots to eat at all throughout the city. I’m not sure what my favorite is, but this past Sunday I went to Gryphonย and it was lit! They had a huge buffet and even a DJ. It was like a little day party and the food was great. It later turned into a full blown party. Who knew I would be “brunching” all day, but it was a great way to cap my weekend.



Secure the Bag: Warner Music College Rep

Hey yall.

So for those of you who don’t know I am a College Marketing Rep for Warner Music.

Let me just start off to say I love this job! It’s honestly a lot more demanding than I anticipated, but already I’ve learned so much about the industry and how to successfully market an artist. I’ve had a few internships in the entertainment industry, but with WMG I am finally getting to do exactly what I want.

So what do I do…?



A lot..


Lol, but no really it’s a lot of work but its tons of fun.

I am one of the DC marketing reps, and basically its my job to enhance the exposure of our WMG artist throughout the DC area. Some of those things include but are not limited to:

  • Facilitate artist events on campus such as tabling events where I display all of our artists paraphernalia.
  • Cultivate relationships with different DJs and tastemakers to promote our artists
  • Handle social media accounts
  • Attend and help with concerts, gauging the audience’s reaction
  • Set up Interviews with local radio stations with our artists
  • Submit bi-weekly reports
  • Network and learn the ropes of the business

It’s honestly one of the best jobs any student could ask for, especially if you have a passion to be in the industry.

Here are some pics from an event I had sometime last week.


Here is me and Zach (the other DC rep)


What internships and jobs have you all had? How was your experience?

Need an internship? Let me know if you guys want tips on how to land the perfect internship!


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Wine Wednesday Playlist- Old School Edition


Hi Gals and Guys,

So its Wednesday, which means its Wine Wednesday! Time to ‘wine” down and relax after a long day of work and/or classes (or both in my case).

I have an old soul so I pretty much only listen to old school music. I put together this little playlist to listen to while I wrap some homework and whine down for the night.

Hope you guys enjoy and follow me on Spotify.