#OnRepeat: YFN Lucci


Happy Friday!!

Fridays are my favorite days because some new music is always dropping. Today is especially special because my favorite Atlanta rapper just dropped his debut album.

*Playlist featured below btw*

If you know me, you know I loooooove Lucci. I know every word to every song on every mixtape lol. My roommate first put me on to Lucci the summer after our freshman year. I went down to Atlanta for about 2 weeks and the first day there she said she had to put me on to all the new Atlanta songs. All I remember her saying is “Suhhh you need to hear this!” She turned on ” I Wonder Why” and I fell in love instantly. I learned all the words in matter of days… Eboni played that song every time we got in the car.


That summer I played that song out. Lucci was my new favorite thing. I downloaded his “Wish Me Well” mixtape and everything.


Then he dropped “Wish Me Well 2” sophomore year and that changed the game. I been ridin ever since.


He’s been gearing up for the release of “Ray Ray From Summerhill” and dropped a couple things to hold his fans over until his album got here. His EP,  Freda’s Son, was released a couple weeks ago, and he also released “Street Kings” feat. Meek Mill, which is on the album (Free Meek).

Now his album “Ray Ray From Summer Hill” is here and I couldn’t be more proud. As I listen to the new album and write this blog, I can honestly say I love it(no bias). Lucci NEVER disappoints. Thats why I fw him. His music is more than what a lot of these other rappers talk about. It’s real life, and its motivational. Just like his other work, this album will be definitely be on repeat.


Cop Ray Ray From Summerhill available on all streaming platforms!

In honor of this release, I made a playlist featuring my favorite Lucci songs. Check it out below. Available on Apple Music and Spotify!

Lucci Luc:

Apple Music Link




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