#WineWednesday – Heartliss Edition

It’s Valentine’s day, and I don’t technically have a valentine, but that’s okay. My mom sends me chocolate covered strawberries every year, and you know what, I can live with that lol. (check out my Valentine’s Day playlist here).

I just landed in Cali last night so I don’t have any plans, but it’s All Star Weekend, so I’m hoping to find some lol.


I made a playlist for those of us who might be their feelings today. If you and your friends don’t have any plans, grab some champagne, play this playlist and sing along to these classic heartbreak songs together… or by yourself (if your friends are all booed up) lol. Check it out below.

***Also note my playlist are available on Spotify now and Apple Music!




Apple Music


Featured Wine: Reine D’or – Golden Queen


This week’s featured wine is actually a champagne. For those of you who don’t know I work for a new wine company called Reine D’or A.K.A Golden Queen. It’s a brand new Spanish champagne on the market and its really gooood (and no, I’m not being biased). It’s a sparking wine that’s right in the middle of dry and sweet. It’s naturally fermented with citrus to give it it’s sweetness, and it goes perfect with Mimosas.

Not only is it a great champagne, but it’s also one of the few brands that in the alcoholic industry that gives back. It’s philanthropic effort is what attracted me to the company before I even tasted the product. It’s mission is to give a portion of proceeds back to African American women communities within the DC area (and others as we expand).

Right now, it’s only in the DC market ( you can find it in Southeast at L.A.X Liquors), but it will be expanding soon, so definitely be on the lookout! I had a couple of my friends try it and we finished the bottle in one setting.

Follow Reine D’or @reinedorwine @goldenqueenwine

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