#OnRepeat: Megan Thee Stallion


“Money Makin’ Megan betta know as the Stallion”  …


So if you don’t know Megan, she’s a female rapper from Houston, Texas who I first saw on twitter in a clip of The Houston Cypher, in which I became a fan almost instantly. I followed her on Instagram, and shortly after she dropped her EP “Make It Hot.” & Let me tell yall it was on repeat the whole semester, playing it everyday in my car on the way to class. My personal favorites off the EP are “Naturally” and “Last Week in H TX”. I just love the fact that she is a college chick on her grind and all about her money with this seductive flow that would make anybody wanna fall for her (or pay her). The definition of a “Bad Bitch,” Megan Thee Stallion is here to stay for sure.

Recently, she released a video to “Stalli Freestyle” which is hands down probably my favorite song of hers. Check it out below.

She’s more than just pretty, she’s book smart, and she got bars. I don’t know why she’s not signed yet, but we need more female emcees like her in the game.

Follow Megan on Instagram and check out her EP “Make it Hot” available on Spotify and Apple Music.



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