New Year – New Blog?

Happy New Year!

So, as some of you may know I started this blog as part of a class. Personally, I felt that with it being a class project it limited my creativity, because I was under constant watch from my professor lol. Also, initially I had no idea what I wanted to really blog about, but had to come up with something for the sake of the class. I was going to dead it after the semester but a couple people reached out to me and told me they liked my posts and wanted to see more. This gave me a little bit more encouragement.

Over the course of the semester I learned a lot about blogging and what it takes to have a successful blog (I think). So I decided I’m going to give this another shot.

I’m going to keep posting some of the same type of content that the readers enjoyed and add a different element – photography! I recently got a camera for Christmas and thought this would be the perfect place to document my photography journey. I had my first shoot and it was so much fun (photos coming soon).

Stay tuned for photos, music, and more 🙂



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