Finals Week

Pray for us college kids as we enter finals week.

With us just getting back from Thanksgiving break, I am sure almost none of us are ready for finals. I think I still have the itis.

But it’s time to salvage these grades. My plan is to be in the library everyday for the next week or so. Turns out though, I am actually doing pretty well in my classes. I just have to finish strong. Wish me luck this next week guys!


What are some things that helps keep you focused?

2018 Grammy Nominations

Hey Bliss With Liss Fam! I decided to come show some love on here and share a little music info with y’all (which is what my blog street-poetry is about by the way)! So, as some of you may know (and if you don’t, you need to), the 2018 Grammy nominations came out yesterday morning, and this is the most excited I’ve been for the Grammys in a while!

*SIDE NOTE: I almost have this desire for more black artists to finally get their due recognition, but at the same time, I feel like we shouldn’t care or need to be validated by the masses.

BUT ANYWAY! Back to these nominees! It appears as though Hip-Hop and R&B artists are taking over this shindig, with the top nominees being Jay-Z (8 nominations), Kendrick Lamar (7 nominations), Bruno Mars (6 nominations), and my girl, SZA (5 nominations). Sis is also the most Grammy-nominated woman this year, and I sincerely hope she skips away with new pieces for her mantlepiece, leaving sprinkles of black girl magic behind.

What I think I’m excited about is the fact that not only are the nominees for the R&B and Rap categories lit, but these artists are dominating the GENERAL FIELD categories like Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, etc. as well. I’m eager to see how his plays out. One thing I did notice is that A Tribe Called Quest’s LAST album We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service was not amongst the chosen ones…that doesn’t seem right to me, and if definitely doesn’t feel right to Q-Tip. The artist took to Instagram and went OFF, calling out the Grammy’s:


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Get off my lawn

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For the benefit of 9th Im done

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Take a look at the nominees for yourselves here and let us know what y’all think. Did the Grammy’s get it right or are they overlooking some people? Also, be sure to click over to my blog and see what Liss has to say about the nominees!

Sending love and good vibes your way!

– Cherise

*my views do not reflect Bliss With Liss (or maybe they do, idk)

Another Senior Update

It’s only a couple more weeks left in the semester. Surprisingly, I’m in grind mode. Surely I thought I would be over school by now, but once again reality has set in and I have to make sure my grades are UP. Can’t let my ‘senioritis’ hold me back any longer than necessary. I’m graduating May 2018. I’m proclaiming it.

So these next few weeks will consist of me in the library everyday trying to recover these grades of mine. Although my grades are decent for this time around, I have to make sure I am still on the right track. I have so much to do to prepare for next semester (my final semester at Howard). It’s bittersweet, but I’m ready.

New Music Friday

It might be Black Friday but it’s also New Music Friday!
If you haven’t heard Fabolous and JadaKiss just dropped a new album together called a Friday on Elm Street


What else are you listening to this Black Friday while standing in those crazy lines?

Black Friday

Black Friday has turned more into Black Thursday these days. I personally don’t support the “Holiday” because I feel that it interferes with Thanksgiving, and the time people get to spend with their families.

However, we can’t knock the deals they have going on (Even though I won’t be hitting the stores with all those people).

What sales are you most looking forward to?

Happy Thanksgiving

Blisswithliss hopes everyone had a great time with their families yesterday.

I returned home to Ohio to be with my family on this week. I have a huge family and we are really close. It was so good seeing them, and so good eating my aunt’s cooking! I surely did miss that.


How was your Holiday? What was your favorite food of the day?


Who doesn’t love Friday’s. I don’t have class on Fridays so I get to stay in and hear all the latest music that just dropped. Like today,

Eminem and Beyonce just dropped a song together! I would have thought to hear them collaborate. Check it out below and let me know what you think!

Wiz Khalifa also dropped a new mixtape! Available on all streaming services.

What new music is you listening you to this Friday?