Howard Homecoming 2017 – The Wrap-Up


It’s Homecoming!!! (Or so it was)

Everyone knows about Howard’s Homecoming. It’s literally a holiday. Students are letting loose after midterms; alumni are back and they’re in full nostalgia.

Homecoming is also where everyone steps out in their best fit.


Just look at my friend MarkAnthony


It’s my senior year so I had to make it count. This year was definitely one for the books.


Y A R D F E S T  2 0 1 7 

yardfest yard fest 2017 howard homecoming
Yardfest 2017


E C H O S T A G E – 2 1  S A V A G E


A L U M N I  R E C E P T I O N – Featuring the best fam in the Frat



There was sooo much more.  A lot of it I couldn’t capture, but the memories will always be there. It was great way to end my last homecoming as an undergrad.

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